It is with profound sadness and an eerie sense of disbelief that we announce the passing of our colleague and dear friend Darren Sawchuk.

Darren was a brilliant litigator. He handled all his cases with compassion and relentless commitment. He was a mentor for younger lawyers and a leader for all of us.

Darren fought cancer with remarkable courage and won the most important battle. While cancer ended his life he refused to allow it to take it. When its malignant hand attempted to rob him of joy, he celebrated. When it tried to slow him down, he increased his pace. With defiance, he controlled the battle masterfully and accomplished more in the heat of battle than most will in the course of a long and healthy existence.

We will miss you.

Committed, Competent, Ethical Representation

In life, all we control is the commitment and level of effort we can devote to any singular event. We believe in approaching all our dealings with clients with hard work and commitment. Our goal is to provide the best service possible while maintaining respect for colleagues, the court and our clients. Our philosophy is one which embraces a collective effort. We assure you no matter the nature of your legal issue we will approach it with seriousness and commit to it our maximum effort.